Why Use Software Containers?

Learn why you should use software containers in 4 minutes.

We often have developers and executives ask us, “why use software containers?”

The easiest answer and most direct is that software containers will save you both money and time.

Software Containers allow:

  • for a consistent software environment
  • you to run your software anywhere
  • for complete isolation

Consistent Software Environment

Sofware Containers give developers a predictable environment to run completely isolated software. One on the unique benefits of using software containers is that they allow developers to pick and choose different versions of software runtimes, including specific versions of programming languages and libraries. This effectively guarantees that a developers software will run consistently no matter where it is deployed. Utilizing software containers allows your developers and your team to be more productive and spend more time on developing software instead of fighting it.

Run Software Anywhere

Software Containers allow your team to run software anywhere. You can efficiently move and migrate sofware much quicker. Your software can run on nearly any operating system - from Linux, to Windows, to Mac. You can run your software on a local developers machine, on-premises, or in a public cloud. Not only can you run them nearly anywhere, you can also switch providers on a moments notice, saving your team hundreds of hours of both work and headaches.

Isolated Software

Software containers virualize everything. They virtualize the CPU, memory, and storage. They even isolate the network. This provides your team a sandboxed version that is isolated from all other applications.

Software Containers save you both money and time, allowing you to spend more time on what matters - developing consistent software.